What does Debt Negotiation mean?

Personal Debt Negotiation

Currently, it seems that negotiation is everywhere not just when it comes to the purchase of major assets like cars and houses, but even when buying items of lesser value like a laptop, coffee machine……. AND YOUR debts are no different!

Many creditors including debt collectors are asking for far more information than is really needed to assess your current financial circumstances. LemonAide fights for you and asks questions of your creditors as to why seemingly innocent information is relevant to them being able to assess your financial circumstance. Such information may include details of your partner, your partner’s job and income when the debt is solely in your name or if your leases on motor vehicles are up to date. Many pieces of information provided will show the creditor that you may be able to afford more than you really can.

Requirements for a Debt Negotiation

Let me be clear about what you need to qualify for personal debt negotiation: 

  1. Your personal financial circumstances MUST have changed.

  2. You need documents to support the changes to your circumstances.

  3. You need to have a war chest of money or a supporter that will provide you the money on short notice (generally within 14 days).

  4. You need to have behaved with integrity with your creditor(s). If you have made several promises to the creditor(s) and never delivered, they are unlikely to accept a deal.

  5. If you have explained the situation with the creditor, been honest and up front, answered their calls when they ring (or better yet rung them to let them know what is happening before the expiry of a time frame), they may be more accommodating

Book An Appointment

We take the emotion out of a debt negotiation. We show creditors why your circumstances have changed and what you can actually afford. We negotiate hard for you and indicate the alternative to the creditor if they do not accept the offer.

Creditors view that utilising an external party such as LemonAide to conduct these debt negotiations shows that you are committed to getting a good and fair outcome for all parties and that the information in the documents provided is correct.