Ultimate Liquidation Guide

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The “Best Kept Secret” Information for Directors to consider when to put their business into Liquidation.

This Guide reveals my top tips to consider when thinking of putting your Company into Liquidation. It may save you from sleeping on the couch or those sleepless nights caused by not knowing what will happen. It may even save your business.  

This Guide is written by someone that has had considerable experience in the Insolvency industry as an insolvency accountant (so an insider) who wants to help Directors rather than creditors.

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What you will Discover in the

Am I ready to Liquidate my Company Guide

To the Directors of businesses that are not doing well:

It’s been tough lately, I get it…Your company is a huge part of your life, I mean it’s how you put food on the table and what you love to do, so when the bills are piling up and the cash is not coming in, it can feel beyond overwhelming.

It’s not uncommon for people like you to be feeling frustrated because the debts are still there or even worse…. they’re increasing! You know that the bones of your business are good but you’re thinking that you need to 10x sales of your best month just to pay all of those bills…and presently your not in your best month, not even in the best year of the best month.

Do not put your Company into Liquidation that without talking to me first. 

I want to help you not only survive where your business is currently but help turn it around and make it thrive.

Our initial discussion is FREE and so you have NOTHING to LOSE and EVERYTHING to gain by talking to me. I promise that you will feel better after the discussion because you probably have not been able to talk to anyone about what is really going on in the Company.

There will be a way for you to move FORWARD from this position in the best possible way and not every Company needs an insolvency solution, there may be other options to try first

and the best part is that we will explore all of those options with you.  

We will be by your side, holding your hand every step of the way and explaining to you the next steps in this unknown and frightening world.

Who is Nathan Bennett ?

Nathan has over 16 years’ experience as an insolvency accountant working for some of Australia’s top Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees. He has completed numerous Voluntary Administrations and Liquidations for companies of all sizes, ranging from micro businesses to multinational corporations. He has also completed many complex personal insolvency matters including Bankruptcy, Section 73, Personal Insolvency Arrangements as well as informal negotiations with all different types of creditors for both corporate and personal clients.

Nathan set up LemonAide in order to help Directors and Individuals through a confusing and often fearful time in their financial life. For too long, Nathan has seen Directors receive incomplete or incorrect advice about their options. It was at this point, Nathan decided to make a stand and created LemonAide in order to provide outstanding advice to Directors who were thinking of putting their Company into Liquidation and how such a Liquidation would impact the Directors everyday life in a practical way. Nathan also created LemonAide to help Individuals navigate through the insurmountable debt position that has occurred through a number of traumatic events in their life. Nathan speaks clarity and certainty in an uncertain time into peoples lives.

Nathan has completed the Advanced Certificate in Insolvency through the Australian Restructuring, Insolvency and Turnaround Association (ARITA) and was a member of the Institute of Public Accountants. What this means for you is that Nathan is just as qualified to provide you with genuine independent advice about your financial situation.

Nathan is passionate about getting the best result for his clients, the Director(s) of companies facing financial distress or the individual with too much debt. Nathan can explain the best way forward for your unique situation and get you to a better financial future in a legal, ethical and cost-effective manner whilst holding your hand through every step of the process.

Ebook Cover

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Ebook Cover

Ultimate Liquidation Guide ​

3 “Best Kept” Information for Directors to consider when to put their business into Liquidation.

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