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Assisting people preparing for Bankruptcy

You may have selected and appointed the Bankruptcy Trustee but their primary job is to get as much money for the creditors through the sale of assets and or income contributions.

LemonAide is different. We look after your interests and represent you as you prepare for bankruptcy. We will help you select the Bankruptcy Trustee if you haven’t appointed one yet. We’ll also negotiate with them on your behalf and look for ways to protect your interests throughout the process.

If you are preparing for bankruptcy or have recently appointed a Bankruptcy Trustee, get in touch with LemonAide while you still have some options.

Assisting people already declared Bankrupt

Whilst in Bankruptcy you are required to complete a lot of paperwork and answer a lot of questions about your circumstances. While you want and need to be honest, you also need to answer their questions carefully. A casual comment here or there could cause you a lot of stress down the track. In fact, there is a very real risk that if you don’t answer the Bankruptcy Trustee’s questions in a timely and correct manner, your Bankruptcy could be extended for up to 8 years. No-one wants that!

For independent advice and guidance that looks after your interests, contact LemonAide.

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