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Turnaround Management for Sole Traders & Partnerships

This is where your business has had a setback which has caused an outstanding debt with suppliers.

An example of this is where a minor or moderate debtor is unable to pay the business for its services, however the business has already paid for and provided the debtor with its goods or service, like a builder building a patio for someone and not being paid the final payment instalment. Given that the debtor has not paid the business for all of the service, the business may not be able to pay all of its creditors.  Whilst this may be a setback for a number of months, it may not be fatal to the business. 

As long as the business is viable long term, turnaround management will be an option. If the business is not viable long term, it is better to look for another way to progress forward for both the business and the owner. When we work with businesses to turn them around, we will make an initial assessment to determine if the business is viable long term and discuss our findings with the business owners. We utilise our turnaround management skills, when we restructure a business. 

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Things to Know

Please note that not all businesses are viable long term, but we would rather provide you with this advice now, rather than you spend any more money on a failing business.

We are objective in our review and findings and have no emotion in the assessment of your business as to its long-term future. At the time you may not thank us, however your long-term financial future is paramount to us and we pride ourselves on providing you with straight advice. There may be another way forward for you, but that would depend on your circumstances.

At times we have completed turnaround management projects with businesses because of the structure of the business or due to licencing requirements. Where the structure of the business is in a sole trader or partnership structure, we have turned around the business whilst restructuring the business into a corporate structure.

Many states in Australia do not allow for a trades person to be in a management position of a Company that has been Liquidated and retain their trades licence. Accordingly, these cases need turnaround management strategies in order to survive a period of poor financial performance.    

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