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We are the guaranteed solution for those having difficulties paying their bills consistently on time.

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Our Director

Based upon more than 17 years expertise working for liquidators and bankruptcy trustees, understanding what they are looking for and giving you advice that is the missing link, so you know where you stand on a holistic basis, both corporately and personally.  Collaborating with accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, insurance and finance professionals, progressing your business to a better future financial position.

My experience spans working with clients in Australian cities and regions across industry sectors including accounting, agriculture, banking and finance, building and construction, cleaning, domestic and commercial maintenance services, food and wine, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, robotics, technology, telecommunications, transport and wholesale

My capabilities and services relate to bankruptcy management, corporate restructuring, liquidation management, business turnaround management (including Safe Harbour), corporate creditor management and negotiation, corporate asset structuring, personal creditor management and negotiation and personal asset structuring.