Why Choose LemonAide?

Hands on practical knowledge

I am an accountant who specialised in the insolvency industry working for Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees for over 17 years experience. Accordingly I have hands on practical knowledge of the insolvency industry.

Many competitors have never has such hands on practical experience. They have gleaned their information from insolvency conferences or conversations with insolvency practitioners over a few years. Can you be sure that they have been given you the correct and most up to date information?

Nothing beats the hands on, practical experience delivered in an empathetic manner.

Education and Qualifications

Prior to opening LemonAide, I considered applying to become an Australian Liquidator and Bankruptcy Trustee. I have passed the Insolvency Education Course (“IEP” now known as the Advanced Certificate in Insolvency) through the Australian Restructuring Insolvency Turnaround Association. Whilst there are other turnaround and insolvency membership bodies out there, they do not require a course or an exam to become a member. The IEP course is one of the hardest courses to pass.

Has the competitor that you are being advised by completed the IEP? Or have they found a niche in the market and gained their experience through trial and error?


I understand that this is a difficult time in life not only financially but also emotionally and relationally. In certain circumstances, I am happy to work through our fee utilising a payment arrangement with our clients to ensure that they can have the benefit of our expertise.  Many competitors will ask for the full payment upfront or half of the full payment upfront and the remaining fees over a period of a maximum of 3 months. The issue here is there is no guarantee of performance and no accountability.   

At times you are unsure if the competitor is ringing you to discuss the strategy or ringing to follow up on a payment. This often causes you not to want to talk to the competitor when the phone rings, causing you extra stress. Because our clients see the value of the services provided to them by Lemonaide, they pay their instalments on time, even early!!!

Wouldn’t you want to work with someone that is flexible and understanding and isn’t constantly calling for a payment?


Not only am I flexible to help you afford the services you require, but I am more cost friendly than many competitors. I have found many competitors will charge significantly more than my pricing. This is not because I think that Lemonaide’s service is inferior, but I do not have the overheads of premises leases or a large workforce. Accordingly I pass these savings on to you, our client.

Once I have provided you a proposal for our services, the price quoted for our services is on a fixed fee basis. That means that you can call me 20times a day and there will never be an extra bill.

Know who are you working with at all times?

Many competitors have a workforce of sales consultants and back end staff to implement the strategy. Whilst they may find this is an efficient manner to run their business, I want you to know who you are talking with and doing business with at all times. That is why I personally will help you implement your strategy and attend meetings with you. You will be given the peace of mind that you will only deal with me from the beginning of your strategy to the end.

Lemonaide cares.

You are not a matter or a job to me. I get to know our clients intimately and they know me. LemonAide celebrate with its clients during the awesome times and commiserate during the bad times. I am always there for you. No question is too small and I will answer every question as many times as you ask it and answer it in different ways until you understand. Everything is discussed and dealt with. You are able to call and ask questions not only during the time we are working with you through your strategy but even after and there will never be an extra bill for it.

I have designed Lemonaide’s services to be of maximum value with an excellent service at an affordable price.

So, what do you have to lose by engaging LemonAide today (other than all your stress)?

How can LemonAide help you today?

Interested in seeing how I can help you? Click on the Book an Appointment button to schedule an appointment. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by talking to me today.