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How Clients Felt before LemonAide 

Many of our clients felt some or all of the following before talking to us:

  • Scared because you do not know where to turn to for answers to your specific situation;
  • Angry due to someone else’s actions causing this situation;
  • Upset, Worried, Experiencing a lack of sleep;
  • Lack of presence with your family;
  • Ashamed because you can not afford the activities you used to be able to and you have to explain that to your family; 
  • Very stressed as you think you may lose all the assets you have spend your whole life accumulating.  


No matter how you feel right now, we set up LemonAide to listen to your problems, to help you and to give you answers to your specific circumstances.

We understand how YOU feel and are on YOUR side. 

How LemonAide helps

It doesn’t matter how your business is structured or its size, financial difficulties can strike any business at any time. But when you’re in the thick of a liquidation, bankruptcy or significant cash flow problem, it’s hard to imagine a positive outcome at the end.

That’s when LemonAide can help.

On your side. By your side.

In case you’re not aware, the role of Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees is to protect the interests of creditors – not you. Even if you appointed them, their job is to look after your creditors, not you!

At LemonAide, we’re different. We represent your interests before, during and after a liquidation or bankruptcy.

We’ll help you:

  • Look at your options to avoid bankruptcy or liquidation, if it’s possible.
  • Find ways to legally preserve your personal assets, if viable.
  • Negotiate with the Liquidator or Bankruptcy Trustee to ensure your interests are protected.
  • Provide advice and guidance throughout the process so you stay fully informed on what’s happening to your business.

Most of all, we will provide you with support and peace of mind to help reduce your stress during a very difficult time.

Our Services

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Happy Customers

Teighan M – Parramatta, NSW

“Nathan was excellent in helping me to negotiate with my creditors. His strategic advice has saved me from personal bankruptcy and even saved my car. I can now move on in my financial life, financially free. Thanks Nathan. ”

David W – Sydney NSW

“Nathan’s compassion during the really difficult times was amazing. He was caring and understanding during a time when I thought I was going to lose my business whilst I was getting divorced. I may have lost my wife, but Nathan showed me that I needed to get my business back on track in order to help support my children. Thanks, Nathan, for restructuring my company, saving my business and giving me hope for the future.”

Ben K – Strathpine, QLD

“Wow, nothing short of amazing!! Nathan achieved a settlement of over 22% with a 3rd tier lender that I have personally guaranteed for my business. Nathan was also able to negotiate the release of the Company’s motor vehicles from the Liquidator that I had appointed before appointing Nathan. I had wish I had known Nathan before I had appointed the Liquidator. I would recommend Nathan to anyone who is thinking of putting their Company into Liquidation. ”

Jenny P – Mandurah, WA

“Nathan was compassionate and professional whilst helping my husband and I save the business we built together. He made a stressful and emotional time so much easier. We would highly recommend anyone to Nathan as we know he will look after each and every one of his clients without judgement. ”

Peter B – Normanville SA

“The strategies and advice Nathan gave me was nothing short of amazing. He explained things in simple terms for me to understand. I knew straight away he had my interest at heart first and foremost. It was so refreshing to deal with someone that was helpful and willing to go the extra mile for me.”

Karina C – Frankston, VIC

“During a dark period of my life, Nathan was the shining light. I was nervous and embarrassed about my financial situation, but Nathan was caring and did the work without any judgement on me. He was tough with my creditors and I was definitely in the best hands around. The amount of work Nathan did was fantastic and he saved me hundreds in owed money. I would never have been able to do this on my own so Nathan was definitely a God send. ”

About Us

Our director, Nathan Bennett, is a father of two boys and partner to Teighan. He enjoys scuba diving, watching his beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs play rugby league and spending time with family and friends.

Nathan has over 16 years’ experience as an insolvency practitioner. He has completed numerous Voluntary Administrations and Liquidations for companies of all sizes, ranging from micro businesses to multinational corporations.

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