It’s only money we will hold you and help you

It’s only money we will hold you and help you

On 10 September 2019, the Guardian wrote an article about the risk of an increase in the rate of suicide of up to 40% over the next decade unless factors such as debt, isolation and loneliness are addressed which was based on a research paper of KPMG. If you give each of those areas an equal share of that it means that as a nation, we will see an increase in suicides by more than 13% because of a person’s insurmountable debt position.But what is leading to suicide over debt? I put it down to two things, firstly social stigma surrounding Bankruptcy or Liquidation, generally classified as failure. But we all have failed or will fail in some aspect of our lives. There are many successful businesspeople that have failed at some point in their career, some have been Bankrupt and then built their fortune after learning from their mistake(s).To put one of the biggest myths to bed, Bankruptcy is no longer advertised in the newspaper. What this means for you is that unless your friends, family or neighbours are owed money by you, they will not find out about your Bankruptcy unless you tell them or they look up the National Personal Insolvency Index, which costs money to do so.

The second is the lack of real information about insolvency and people willing to assist people if they can not see a buck in it for themselves. I constantly see free consultation of many debt advisors but when I have discussed what is contained in the consult I am lead to understand that it is mainly the person telling the debt advisor about their circumstance and the debt advisor saying that if the person wants some answers to their problems they need to engage the debt advisor and pay a large sum of money. At LemonAide we need to know you circumstances to give accurate and proper advice but unlike other debt advisors, we will give you some tips to improve your situation for free because we believe that it is not devising of the strategy that you are solely paying for but the implementation of that strategy.

In Australia we have some of the toughest insolvency laws in the world actually we have some of the toughest laws. When you think of someone who has seriously broken the law, they will generally reach out to a lawyer to discuss all the circumstances surrounding the breach of the law. The lawyer will then represent that person at Court. Just like the lawyer, Australians need help and representation with their debt problems and that is where we at LemonAide can help.

If you are facing personal Bankruptcy or corporate Liquidation and not sure where to turn to ask all those tough questions or even the questions that linger in the back of your mind because you have heard some horror stories, reach out to us via email nathan@lemonaide.com.au or book an appointment at www.Lemonaide.com.au to have these questions answered in a confidential, judgement -free, no cost and obligation free consultation.

We are on your side and here to hold your hand to help you so that you do not become one of the statistics.

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