Right Time, Right People, Right Advice

Right Time, Right People, Right Advice

Let’s talk about getting the right advice at the right time from the right people.When I am sick, I often see my doctor first (No I do not consult WebMD or Dr Google or the like). He will assess me and if he can treat my symptoms (which is usually man flu) he will. However, at times, he will think that my medical needs are beyond his scope and he will send me to another doctor, generally a specialist to review my symptoms and treat me. I go back to my GP for follow up to make sure that the specialist treatment is working but I FOLLOW the advice of the specialist.The same applies in business…

Generally, when an issue in business arises, people turn to Google to get advice on how to deal with it because they do not want to pay for the advice. On one hand, I can understand that, however on the other hand, if the advice provided saves you more money than the cost of the advice, are you not still ahead?

If they do not get the answer they are looking for or cannot find the answer they go to their GP or in some cases their accountant.

If the accountant does not have the experience or expertise, then they should refer on to a specialist…which in this case is myself. I then provide my FREE in depth assessment of your client’s specific circumstances and do many meetings to discuss the contents of the assessment. If the client is not a client for me, I let them know but give them some tips for a way forward. Please note that insolvency practitioners are unable to provide the quantity and quality of advice that I do as it will conflict them out of the job.

Many people follow the advice that I have provided them, however I often wonder about the people that have not followed my advice. So, I made a few enquiries and I have found that people that did not follow the advice provided have found themselves to be in a lot worse and often unsalvageable position than when they came to me. I also found that many “GP’s” had secretly disagreed with the advice and convinced their clients not to come on board. A few of those particular people are now selling their personal properties, when they didn’t have when I saw them, because they followed the wrong “GP” advice.

The moral is get the right advice, from people with the experience in the particular field as early as possible and stick to it the advice to improve your situation.

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